Hold Orono


 1) Contact each Orono City Council member. Ask them to preserve Lakeview Golf Course’s
143 acres as “Park, Recreation & Open Space”.

“We have learned that Council member Kristi Anderson suffered a terrible personal loss on December 15, 2013 and extend our heartfelt condolences to her and her family at this incredibly difficult time. Please – everyone who sees this (post) – put Kristi in your thoughts and prayers and refrain from contacting her about the Lakeview issue at this time. Please also tell your friends and other supporters to be respectful of her need for privacy.”

Orono City Council Contact Information:

 Lill McMillan (Mayor) 612-840-8484 /  lmcmillan@ci.orono.mn.us
Kristi Anderson (Council) 612-743-4124 / kanderson@ci.orono.mn.us
Cynthia Bremer (Council) 952-473-9777 / cbremer@ci.orono.mn.us
Lizz Levang (Council) 952-476-4123 / clevang@aol.com
Aaron Printup (Council) 952-476-2051 / aprintup@ci.orono.mn.us

2) Sign the petition as soon as possible holding Orono to its promise of the 2008-2030 Orono Community Management Plan which clearly states (Part 4E-30) “The City will encourage the preservation of private open space” and “Once land is developed, the opportunity for its preservation as open space is lost.”  Please sign and fax the petition directly to 952-472-4698
or mail to Citizens of Lakeview Preservation, PO Box 96, Navarre, MN 55392.

3) Please consider making a donation to the Citizens of Lakeview Preservation. We have raised over $12,000 and it will require yet, another $19,000 to realize our goal of preserving Lakeview. Citizens of Lakeview Preservation has retained legal council, a consultant and an environmental firm. These relationships are necessary to present a comprehensive, viable alternative plan to the City Council by Jan 6, 2014. Please mail your donation today to
Citizens for Lakeview Preservation Inc., P.O. Box 96, Navarre, MN 55392.

4) If the preservation of open space, dark skies and natural habitats for future generations are important to you, please consider making a pledge. In the event that the Lakeview Golf Course remains guided as “Park, Recreation, and Open Space” and is available for sale, we will contact you in regard to the pledge you make today. At this time, no money will be accepted. But we need your pledge immediately.

Please download the Pledge, complete, scan and email to us at pledges@oronolakeviewpreservation.org or fax to 952-472-4698. If you would prefer to talk with us about it, call 952-334-5155. You may also mail your pledge to
Citizens of Lakeview Preservation, PO Box 96, Navarre, MN 55392.

The pledges will make it viable to buy the land, protect and preserve our natural environment and keep Orono green for our future generations.

5) Please consider helping us to get the message out to your Orono neighbors by volunteering to become a canvassing agent. The Orono City Council simply contacted adjacent home owners to the Lakeview property that Lakeview Golf Course, the largest privately-owned public open space in Orono is slated for a housing subdivision.  We clearly think that all Orono citizens have the right to know that this issue is before the City Council. But time is of the essence, please contact us at info@oronolakeviewpreservation.org
or call 952-334-5155 today to get started.

6) The City Council faced a packed chamber of concerned residents on November 12, 2013 and voted 4-0 to delay a vote on the request to amend the guidance to “Rural Residential” and promising a final decision at its January 13th meeting. Please take time to watch the video from the November 12, 2013 Orono City Council meeting.
Click here to watch. To read the minutes, click here.

7) Attend the Orono City Council meeting at 7pm on January 6, 2014—a special meeting scheduled to specifically discuss the Lakeview development. The developers have been asked to provide additional plan information at this meeting. The Citizens of Lakeview Preservation will be presenting alternatives that maintain the guidance but respect the owner’s right to sell the property.

8) Attend the Orono City Council meeting at 7pm January 13, 2014. The Orono City Council is required to make a decision about whether to uphold or amend the Community Management Plan and its impact on the guidance of Lakeview Golf Course. If you would like to help Orono save this land for future generations, please join our effort!

9) Plan to attend the Orono City Council Meeting at 7pm, March 24 2014.
Come early to secure a seat.
Source Land Capital has once again provided the Orono City Council with a new sketch plan to be reviewed on March 24, 7p at the City Council Meeting. The new sketch plan and associated documents are on pages 33-43 of the Council Agenda Packet. Public comments are welcome at this meeting. If you are unable to attend, citizens, as always, may also contact members of the Orono City Council.