Once Its Gone

Lakeview Golf Course, the largest privately-owned public open space in Orono is slated for a housing subdivision. This143 acre tract of land is currently guided “Park, Recreation, and Open Space” but Source Land Capital LLC, on behalf of Grant Wenkstern, has requested the City of Orono to amend the guidance to “Rural Residential” so that the development can proceed. However, changing the “Park, Recreation, and Open Space” guidance breaks the promise of the 2008-2030 Orono Community Management Plan which clearly states (Part 4E-30) “The City will encourage the preservation of private open space” and “Once land is developed, the opportunity for its preservation as open space is lost.”

The Orono City Council is required to make a decision on January 13, 2014 about whether to uphold or amend the Community Management Plan and its impact on the guidance of Lakeview Golf Course. The decision will affect not only the immediate surrounding area, but all of Orono and potentially much of Lake Minnetonka, as this land is nestled between two gorgeous bays of Lake Minnetonka. We as Citizens of Lakeview Preservation are concerned about the environmental impacts including: aquifer depletion, flood plains and run-off, wetland deterioration, and sewage damage. We also have concerns about traffic safety, major population density increase (without infrastructure planning), and, to simply—but most significantly, the loss of precious open space and dark skies.  As a result, we have a much better alternative – one that would keep Lakeview’s guidance and preserve it for future generations. Our vision includes a natural habitat and interpretive center as well as eco-friendly golf course certified by the Audubon society and supported by the First Tee organization. Cultural and educational opportunities are interwoven. You can be a part of that vision – help us keep the land and shape the vision. Make a pledge. We need your help. Call 952-334-5155.

ACT NOW: Contact each Orono City Council member and ask them to preserve Lakeview Golf Course’s 143 acres as “Park, Recreation & Open Space”. Please see the Act Now page for the upcoming meeting schedule. If you’d like to help Orono save this land for future generations, please join our effort. Every voice matters. And once it’s gone, it’s gone forever!

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