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Citizens of Lakeview Preservation, Inc., has recently organized as a Minnesota non-profit to save the nearly 60-year old Lakeview Golf Course from development that could carve it into a subdivision of 59 lots. The citizens of Orono have embarked on a journey that is unique and ambitious–we are seeking help from individuals, local businesses, foundations and agencies across the Twin Cities Metropolitan area to raise an initial $4-6 MM with a significant amount in pledges by January 13, 2014 to purchase this private land for public use. A preliminary analysis envisions a multidimensional plan for the space that could offer eco-friendly golf opportunities as well as a natural habitat and interpretive center. We want to protect and preserve open space for future generations.

Anyone interested in joining and helping this effort, please call
Citizens of Lakeview Preservation at 952-334-5155.

Find us on Facebook: Citizens For Lakeview Preservation

Citizens For LakeView Preservation

Board of Directors
Chair Bryce Johnson
Dr. Thomas Mazer
Matt Hoy
Robyn Johnson
Steve Bell

Chair Bryce Johnson

Lakeview Vision
Chair Brenda Johnson

Chair Steve Hosmer

Chair Connie Piepho

Want to get in contact with someone involved with Citizens of Lakeview Preservation?

Email us at In the subject line please specify your message and the appropriate person will get back to you shortly. Thank you!